Blue Ridge Blends: good for your body, your planet & your taste buds

At Blue Ridge Blends we hand mix our blends with the finest herbs and spices.  Most of our ingredients are a combination of organic, kosher, irradiation-free, gluten-free, free-trade, fair-trade or all of the above!  We use small amounts of Himalayan pink sea salt, which contains 47 essential trace minerals.  This allows for loading on the flavor without over-salting.  We also use no preservatives or additives of any kind including anti-caking agents or fillers.

Each blend can be enjoyed in any flavor combination you wish or made specifically for any dish you create.  We’ll even name it after you!  Who knows, your custom blend may end up being our best seller!

Knowing how hectic life can be these days, we have made our recipes to have it all in one container.  Our four ingredient chili is great for a quick meal on a busy night and many of our blends can flavor an entire meal using one blend.

Blue Ridge Blends:  good for your body, your planet and your taste buds.


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