What’s the deal?

So, what’s the deal with these blends?  We get asked this (and other questions) quite often.  Well, here’s the deal:

-they are made in small batches, by hand.

What does that mean? -it means that lots of love and energy went into every blend.  We truly care that all the peppercorns or grains of paradise are all blended evenly so you don’t get big chunks of one flavor.  It also means that our blends are fresh.  We sell most all our batches each week, so a new batch is made each week.  Always fresh.

-they are {mostly} organic

Why mostly?  -we can’t find every single ingredient we use in organic form.  We can find it cultivated without chemicals which, to us, is the next best thing.

-I don’t know how to cook/don’t like to cook

How do I use these blends?  -it’s as easy as putting a thawed chicken breast on a foil lined pan, sprinkling it with Egle Eye Everything and putting it in the oven at 450 degrees until the internal temp reaches 165 degrees.  If you purchase an oven safe, digital thermometer, your chicken will be perfect, juicy and flavorful every time!

-I love to cook and am/used to be a chef.  Impress me.

We use ingredients that a lot have never heard of or don’t cook with and also use a lot of bold flavors together, and use them well.  Items like Chervil and Grains of Paradise give our blends (and ultimately your food) a distinct taste that is not the same ol’ tried and true.

Lastly, we’re local, we care about your dishes.  We want them to be delicious and we want to start a cook at home craze!  Cooking at home is so much healthier and (if you use our blends) much tastier and cheaper!  What else could you want?

Visit our website for a list of our blends, prices and recipes.  Send us a note and tell us the flavor combos you’re looking for and, if it’s distinct enough, we’ll let you name it!

Happy eating!


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