Starting out as a labor of love in our kitchen, Blue Ridge Blends is our dream come true.  We love food, and if you do, too, you’ve come to the right place!  We small batch our blends, several different flavors that will excite your pallet and your guests!. All of our blends are available in our new flip top jars or half ounce sample bags.

We use pink Himalayan sea salt in most of our blends, with the exception of the smoked salts.  We also use all four colors of peppercorns for a rainbow of flavor.  Our blends are unique in that they are mostly created from requests of friends and family.  A lot of our recipes are user submitted as well.  We like to cater to the flavors that you like.  If you need extra or less of any ingredient of any blend we have, we’ll do that for you.  The best part is, if you ask for a blend to be made and it’s unique enough to be added to our collection, we’ll let you name it!

If you’re looking for big-name, nationally and internationally marketed commercial seasoning blends, you’re in the wrong place. Our blends are priced by weight but they are not loaded with salt.  There are so many herbs and spices and so many flavors, the value and taste is unbeatable.  Try us out and see why we’re the best!


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