Lofty Aspirations

We’ve been on a mission lately…well, quite a few missions, actually.  We want to get healthy, eat better, shop local and save money.  That’s a list of lofty aspirations we know, so how are we to accomplish these goals?  The answer to all of them is at your local farmer’s market.  Since becoming first time vendors at both the Radford Farmer’s Market and The Marketplace, shopping local has become so important to us.  Being a small business ourselves, we know how important it is, not only to our business or local farmer, but to the family that is behind it and the economy surrounding.  Without going to deeply into a boring Econ lesson, spending money locally puts more money in the local economy which means more money in local people’s pockets.  Local people like your neighbor or your best friend or your child’s teacher.  Keeping money local means more great things for the area in which we all live!   Your farmer’s market also has great quality items for not a lot of money.  Going towards the goal of eating healthy, if you were to visit your local farmer’s market, you’d likely see cucumbers & green peppers 2 for $1, tomatoes $1.50/lb, gourmet lettuces, chard, zucchini and the list goes on and on*.  This is not only very competitive with local grocery store chains but the quality is outstanding!  The people who grew these products live very close by, work for themselves and care about everything they put out with their name on it.  So for under $5, you can make a huge salad for your family!  We know because we’ve done it!  While you’re there, you can look into local meats and gifts for your friends and family for holidays and birthdays, all in one stop!  So, while you’re shopping locally, don’t forget to pick up some seasonings from Blue Ridge Blends to make all that local produce and meats taste delicious!

*prices vary by locality