A word on healthy eating…

Everyone knows you need to eat healthy to have a healthy life.  Eating is the one activity that everyone has to do to survive.  If you’re just eating to survive though, you’re really missing out.  Healthy food can be delicious and the more you eat of it, the more you crave – for real, it’s science!  Cooking at home is the best way to get the best bang for your buck, when buying food, and also have control over the flavor.  Most vegetables do well with just a little salt and pepper but if you really want to jazz it up, try some paprika, lemon or even cayenne sprinkled on if you’re feeling adventurous.  A little bit at first, stir it up and taste it – then add more if you need to.  Vegetables are one of the easiest things to cook.  Literally, slice em up and add them to a hot frying pan (listen for the sizzle)!

What’s your biggest fear or hurdle when it comes to cooking at home?  Would how to videos or pictures help?  Let us know!

This delicious dish would be tasty with Hoback’s Hint of Lemon Garlic Pepper or Saera’s Seasoning Salt!Sauteed veggies


What’s the deal?

So, what’s the deal with these blends?  We get asked this (and other questions) quite often.  Well, here’s the deal:

-they are made in small batches, by hand.

What does that mean? -it means that lots of love and energy went into every blend.  We truly care that all the peppercorns or grains of paradise are all blended evenly so you don’t get big chunks of one flavor.  It also means that our blends are fresh.  We sell most all our batches each week, so a new batch is made each week.  Always fresh.

-they are {mostly} organic

Why mostly?  -we can’t find every single ingredient we use in organic form.  We can find it cultivated without chemicals which, to us, is the next best thing.

-I don’t know how to cook/don’t like to cook

How do I use these blends?  -it’s as easy as putting a thawed chicken breast on a foil lined pan, sprinkling it with Egle Eye Everything and putting it in the oven at 450 degrees until the internal temp reaches 165 degrees.  If you purchase an oven safe, digital thermometer, your chicken will be perfect, juicy and flavorful every time!

-I love to cook and am/used to be a chef.  Impress me.

We use ingredients that a lot have never heard of or don’t cook with and also use a lot of bold flavors together, and use them well.  Items like Chervil and Grains of Paradise give our blends (and ultimately your food) a distinct taste that is not the same ol’ tried and true.

Lastly, we’re local, we care about your dishes.  We want them to be delicious and we want to start a cook at home craze!  Cooking at home is so much healthier and (if you use our blends) much tastier and cheaper!  What else could you want?

Visit our website for a list of our blends, prices and recipes.  Send us a note and tell us the flavor combos you’re looking for and, if it’s distinct enough, we’ll let you name it!

Happy eating!

Lofty Aspirations

We’ve been on a mission lately…well, quite a few missions, actually.  We want to get healthy, eat better, shop local and save money.  That’s a list of lofty aspirations we know, so how are we to accomplish these goals?  The answer to all of them is at your local farmer’s market.  Since becoming first time vendors at both the Radford Farmer’s Market and The Marketplace, shopping local has become so important to us.  Being a small business ourselves, we know how important it is, not only to our business or local farmer, but to the family that is behind it and the economy surrounding.  Without going to deeply into a boring Econ lesson, spending money locally puts more money in the local economy which means more money in local people’s pockets.  Local people like your neighbor or your best friend or your child’s teacher.  Keeping money local means more great things for the area in which we all live!   Your farmer’s market also has great quality items for not a lot of money.  Going towards the goal of eating healthy, if you were to visit your local farmer’s market, you’d likely see cucumbers & green peppers 2 for $1, tomatoes $1.50/lb, gourmet lettuces, chard, zucchini and the list goes on and on*.  This is not only very competitive with local grocery store chains but the quality is outstanding!  The people who grew these products live very close by, work for themselves and care about everything they put out with their name on it.  So for under $5, you can make a huge salad for your family!  We know because we’ve done it!  While you’re there, you can look into local meats and gifts for your friends and family for holidays and birthdays, all in one stop!  So, while you’re shopping locally, don’t forget to pick up some seasonings from Blue Ridge Blends to make all that local produce and meats taste delicious!

*prices vary by locality

Blue Ridge Blends: good for your body, your planet & your taste buds

At Blue Ridge Blends we hand mix our blends with the finest herbs and spices.  Most of our ingredients are a combination of organic, kosher, irradiation-free, gluten-free, free-trade, fair-trade or all of the above!  We use small amounts of Himalayan pink sea salt, which contains 47 essential trace minerals.  This allows for loading on the flavor without over-salting.  We also use no preservatives or additives of any kind including anti-caking agents or fillers.

Each blend can be enjoyed in any flavor combination you wish or made specifically for any dish you create.  We’ll even name it after you!  Who knows, your custom blend may end up being our best seller!

Knowing how hectic life can be these days, we have made our recipes to have it all in one container.  Our four ingredient chili is great for a quick meal on a busy night and many of our blends can flavor an entire meal using one blend.

Blue Ridge Blends:  good for your body, your planet and your taste buds.

Why should I cook at home?

This article explains clearly why cooking at home is such a great thing.  Not only is it healthier, it’s cheaper and tastier!  Especially when you use Blue Ridge Blends in your dish.  Anytime a recipe calls for onion, garlic, pepper, salt, you can omit all those ingredients because it’s all in the blend.  That’s right, every spice/herb that you need for a specific recipe is more than likely, already in our blend.  Our blends are also low-salt and we only use Himalayan Pink Sea Salt so you can add more flavor without adding the extra salt.  That is something that is usually not possible with most blend mixes.  Enjoy the article and start enjoying cooking at home with Blue Ridge Blends!